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Realtor/Home Seller Testimonials

Randal Lautzenheiser & David Vannort - Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services

(Scope of work: web site design and maintenance; virtual tours)

I used to think that web sites for Realtors were just a 'necessary evil' at best. In retrospect, I don't know how we sold real estate without our own personal web site. As I've mentioned, at our previous company, we were lucky to get one or two serious inquiries from the company web site per year. Since March 2001, when became operational, we've had several inquiries a week from the web site. We average at least one showing a week directly from the web site, and have picked up several buyers and new listings from it as well. Our web site is a huge selling point in our listing presentations! In April, a buyer called on 336 Fifth Street from the web site. I showed her Fifth Street and just one of our other listings, which she and her husband had under contract just two days later! (It doesn't get much easier than that!)

Also, your virtual tours are nothing short of fabulous! We have gotten many unsolicited compliments regarding the tours and the web site in general from prospective clients and other agents alike. We just wanted you to know that your hard work is appreciated and has very positively impacted our business. We think the web site is the smartest investment we've made in our business in a long time! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
Update: April 2002


I am happy to inform you that 205 Third Street #4 is under contract. That means in just this past month, we've had 3 deals (One South Prado #8, 404 8th Street, and now 205 Third Street -- a total of $874,000 in sales) where we represented BOTH buyer and seller because the buyer found the property on our web site/virtual tour. Likewise, 805 Peachtree #307 (while we did not represent the buyer on that transaction), closed this week and the buyer found it from the virtual tour. So that's a total of $1,119,000 in sales directly tied to the web site this month! If that's not a frigging testimonial I don't know what is!


Richard Wright - Harry Norman, REALTORS

(Scope of work: web site design and maintenance; virtual tours)

Lisa has done an outstanding job designing and maintaining my web site. The site has been in its present state for about two years; and by the end of this summer (2002), it will have resulted in approximately ten transactions: business that would not have come my way had it not been for the web site. What I like most about Lisa's method is that she works with her client to design something personal and unique. The finished product is always so much nicer than what you see on sites where all the agents are "plugged in" to the same format. Not only has my site generated leads, but it has also prompted numerous compliments, especially about Lisa's fabulous virtual tours‹no where else will you find the depth and painstaking attention to detail that go into her tours! When other real estate agents rave about their peer's web sites (like they do about Lisa's), you know that she is doing it right!

Daphne Reider - Harry Norman, REALTORS

(Scope of work: web site design and maintenance; virtual tours)

When Lisa Crowder came to my office a little over a year ago to promote the web site, I was immediately interested, so I signed up right on the spot. Little did I know that I would receive so many 'hits'! Lisa then helped me compose my web page, encouraged me to get a domain name, and worked with me to write a history of my neighborhood.

Since that time, a little over a year ago, I have had at least 10 buyer prospects and several listing appointments. It has taken my business into the 21st century with an ease I didn't believe was possible.

The links to neighborhood schools, restaurants, shops and cultural events is fantastic! New links are added often keeping browsers up-to-date on these vibrant neighborhoods. My listings have virtual tours all linked to my web site. It is the best "bang for the bucks" I have received in my 15 years in the business!

Janie Gray & Benita Carswell, Bo Bridgeport Brokers

(Scope of work: virtual tours)

We have engaged Lisa's talent to complete virtual tours on our listed properties for over a year now. Our clients tell us that the reason they keep coming back to our website is because of our virtual tours and the aspect of having more photos and detailed descriptions than any other real estate website that they visit. We also receive a tremendous amount of additional traffic by having our listings posted on with inquiry information that allows us to quickly contact our prospective buyers. Her skills as a writer and eye for architectural elements help make these tours the reason you will receive more inquiries. She has the descriptive ability to make every listing sound like your buyer's dream home.

[Publisher's Note: is not part of the network, however we did create for Bo Bridgeport Brokers to market the Hawthorn Park development in Kirkwood.]

Rochele Hirsch, Property Owner/Midtown Landlord:

(Scope of work: virtual tours) has given me a great way to save time and frustration. I have had rental property for over 17 years, and now, instead of going to show the units to just anyone, I wait and show it to qualified prospects . . . those who have already seen the inside on a virtual tour. Thanks to Lisa Crowder, her talents and her web site, I've been able to rent easier, faster, and with much less hassle.

Viewer Comments

Dana C.

I just wanted to say how much I love your web site. I have yet to find any other web site quite like it. My husband and I will be moving to Atlanta in a little over a year, but I love to look at all the wonderful information and pcitures that are displayed with each house. I have learned a lot about Atlanta and the areas that really appreciate historic homes.

Laura P.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your web site! I check it every day for new listings because you capture the beauty of houses so well.

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